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Saturday November 17, 2012 

Join us today as we welcome in studio the Executive Editor of Dallas Flow magazine.
Dallas Flow Magazine is the premiere digital publication chronicling the upscale DFW lifestyle. It features sophisticated fashion forward and features the best DFW has to offer. Covering fashion, cuisine, culture, lifestyles, local celebrities, entertainment, beauty, real estate, and events, Dallas Flow is more than a magazine, it’s a destination for where upwardly mobile go to be in the know. 
As more publications explore converting to the digital format, Dallas Flow is maximizing the digital platform now. 

For more info, and to advertise with us, check us out at www.dallasflow.com

Tuesday March 27, 2012 

Question what are the driving forces that makes someone want to become a model or actor? Is it money? Fame? Prestige?


As a fashion model the most important rule to live by, is to seek out and obtain accurate and up to date education and training in your craft.  ModelBiz Radio’s mission is to provide the means for aspiring models and actors to do just that.
How would you like to speak personally  and get the information from one of the worlds most respected fashion models and model scouts directly out of Paris France?  Well……..

                                                                            You’re invited.

Directly from Paris France to Modelbiz Radio today’s guest is European International model scout Kim Luret.

For over 25 years Kim Luret has stood out as a premier expert in the modeling industry.
Eleven of those years she spent as a renowned high fashion model on the runways of Paris, Milan,
Tokyo and New York. Her client list includes fashion icons such as Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani,
Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld and Gianni Versace, to name but a few.

 In that time Kim was also featured in magazines, television commercials and four feature length movies. Her modeling career has taken her across the globe to more than 50 countries.
To say she “knows her stuff”, would be putting it mildly…

After a highly successful modeling career, Kim took her experience and insight and moved to "  the other side".
She became a model scout and continues to travel the world today in search of
the next great talent.

Today she has a new calling. Kim never forgot how she felt as an aspiring model to have a dream but not the knowledge of where to begin or how to make it a reality.
In founding her own company, Inner Modeling. Kim has made it her mission to remove the guesswork. She knows that for the beginning model it's a matter of understanding their unique package and then knowing exactly how and where to market that package. Through her powerful seminars and program,
Kim leads aspiring models to their full potential and greatest success in the shortest time possible.
Kim Luret's combined experience from modeling hopeful to high fashion success story and then on to becoming one of the most experienced and respected scouts in the business gives her insight into modeling success secrets that is as unique as it is priceless.

BUT.... Here's the best part- Kim will be joining the Modelbiz Staff as a new co-host and will be an on-going host every Tuesday from 5-7pm central . Tune in Modelbiz in 2012 just got a whole lot better.



How Different Are They?

I have frequently heard people say that commercial acting IS very different from theatrical, but I don't necessarily agree...the basic core is still about being believable. What do you think?

We will discuss the difference between the two this Tuesday with our in Studio guest Actress Rhianna Mack!

Rhianna Mack is like a chameleon on the stage & screen. Her numerous performances include:
the 16 character, one-woman show: No Child (Amphibian Stage Productions),
national tours-
  • ·         Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters,
  • ·         A Midnight Cry: The Underground Railroad to Freedom African Tales of Earth & Sky (Dallas Children's Theater),
  • ·         the award-winning two-“man” show Heaven Forbid(s)! (Martice Enterprises),
and various stageplays, commercials, and indie films.
She was featured in the Lifetime Original Movie for the 2004 American Idol winner- The Fantasia Barrino Story: Life is Not a Fairy Tale, directed by Debbie Allen.
You can learn more about Rhianna Mack- "The Brand of a True Artist"-at www.RhiannaMack.com.
Ms. Mack is represented by the Mary Collins Agency- Dallas, TX.


Thursday Decemeber 29, 2011

2011 is at and end and we are EXCITED about 2012. Before we leave this year behind we will spend our last show reflecting on a full year of MODELBIZ Radio. Thank you to all our special guest, callers and events. Join us today as we reflect back!!!


Cindy Falls . Graduate from KD College in 2011 with an Associate in Applied Arts.  
The owner and operator of Forget-Me-Not Media Production.
Forget-me-not Production is a company based on the concept of using film to not only to entertain, but to enlighten. 

Cindy continues to produce and direct films, the old fashion way with hard work, sacrifice and most of all dedication.
Cindy will be our in studio guest to talk about her upcoming project:

Forget-me-not Media Production is producing "Change Is Coming" the story about a homeless artist struggling with his past demons. He's blessed with an outgoing personality and extraordinary talents which ranges from creating beautiful works of art, to singing soulful music like his icon Sam Cooke, and to top it all off he has a freestyle that's untouchable.

Thursday October 20, 2011 

 Native Texan and Self-Taught Artist, David Goff has honed his skills and natural abilities to create work that is both reflective and emotionally provocative. Just as life itself has many chapters and requires adaption ... so does his work. 

Goff masters a variety of mediums and styles that communicate his vision.

Goff's use of acrylics on canvas, wookd and burlap come together to convey his creative eye and provide a means of expression.

In his figurative work and portraiture Goff draws upon life experiences and captures the sentiment of human condition in ways that connect emotionally.

Chains on the Brain is a fine art photographic collection using strong surreal imagery creating 3D- like depth that dominates both the conscious and unconscious mind. The images portray a concept so universal and diverse that it creates a mirror into the soul in which we can all see ourselves.

Join us as we interview Mr.Goff and learn about the man, his body of work and upcoming projects. 


Thursday October 13, 2011

Maly Siharath,  a fashion stylist based in  Los Angeles since 2010.

Ms. Siharath test with photographers for agencies such as Ford, Ellite and Wihelma. Now, She works with Natasha Marin (Classical Pianist and married to Cheech Marin),Kenya Jones ( daughter of Quincy Jones and Nastassja Kinski  ),Disney Actress Olivia Holt with Kickin It, Nickelodeon Actress Yvette Gonzales-Nacer with The Fresh Beat Band , Disney Actress Bella Thorne with Shake it up Reality star For the love of Ray J "Monica Danger” and Actress/Model Playboy mate of the Month June 2007 Brittany Binger. Newly signed and represented by Sebastian Model Management.

Thusday August 25, 2011

Todrick Johnson is the CEO/Founder of Epitome Magazine, which is a national monthly publication, dedicated to spreading Gospel not Gossip across the nation. 

As a result, those seeking God or a deeper relationship will find solace in this positive publication changing minds, hearts and souls.  

Join us as we speak with Mr. Johnson on his journey and focus on the publication and how it is merged with religion, events and fashion!!

Thursday August 18, 2011

Dereque Whiturs,
 Her editorial work has been featured in  Mami, Gladys, Coast, Quatro , 50Fifty and 13 Minute and her advertising include Fore Axel & Hudson, Nieman Marcus The Book, and Nolo Atelier.
Tune in this Thursday as we interview Maly Siharath on Modelbiz Radio!
Founder and Artistic Director of HappyNia Dance Theater and few cast members will be our in-studio guest this Thursday to discuss the upcoming event "Tears on Blood" and the awareness of HIV AIDS.
HappyNia Dance Theatre Productions, Inc. presents "Tears of Blood: Walk the Runway." In remembering those who have passed away from HIV/AIDS we present an evening of fashion, dance and spoken word.

We are committed to using fashion as a way of looking at the functions of the cells in the body hosted by a poor or compromised immune system. Our intent is to peek curiosity and challenge other performing arts organizations in the metroplex to engage in more creative ways to address the issues of HIV/AIDS and its compromising complications. We would like to encourage everyone in the community to come out and dialogue with us about this disease.

We would like to honor three (3) specific honorees and recognize those who are active in the community as it relates to prevention and outreach. We honor them for their tireless efforts in staying in the fight to help save the community.

We are asking for all to come and enjoy the show, but also bring your wallets to give to a cause that will help encourage more work from the community and we will use our artistic expressions to help influence the process. Funds from this fundraiser will go towards sending four (4) young dancers to college, with enough money to pay for their first year of books and a partial payment for their housing.

We hope that you are willing to help us make a difference in the lives of our youth and do what we think is best for their future and the only way to do that is to sew a seed in their education.

Thomas Mosley III,

Works as an arts instructor with several  non profit organizations to help
underserved  youth develop and pursue their inner creativity
through various forms of art.
Owner of Art of Mind Productions, Mr. Mosley turned his
passion for the arts and emphasis on creativity into his own
production company specializing in commercial photography and film. He is
currently working on  several large scale projects in the hospitality

Thomas was born and raised in Oklahoma City, OK and was blessed with
having a very close family. He moved to the Dallas Fort Worth
metro plex in 2005 to pursue a career in acting and modeling.

In his limited spare time, Thomas enjoys mixed martial arts, JIU JITSU, creative writing, chess, and spending time with his family back in Oklahoma. 
Some of Mr. Mosley's key projects in acting and modeling are as follows:
- Worked on a national ad print campaign for Bank of America
- Worked as a guest star on N.B.C's sitcom, Chase
- Currently a spokes model on the Toyota National Auto Show Team
- Ed Hardy Runway model

Thursday July 21

 Misha Sturns has worked in several major markets- New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Houston and Las Vegas for major fashion designers and entities such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstorm’s, Dillard’s and Saks Fifth Avenue.  Modeling has always been her passion, however her skills goes beyond the runway.
 Fort Worth native Misha Sturns is referred to as “Dallas Socialite Misha Sturns”, quite often. She’s an honors program graduate of Clark Atlanta University and very involved in both civic and social networking circles. Misha has an extensive and diverse background in sales, public relations, event planning and fashion modeling.   
Her modeling career began shortly after being discovered in a local fashion show by the late Samuel Bowie. She was Antthony Mark Hankins first catalog model when he launched his fashion line in the late 1990’s then she quickly obtained representation with the top agencies in Dallas- first the Campbell Agency, next Page Parkes then Kim Dawson, where she has remained since 2000. 

She had the unique opportunity which afforded her access to the world’s most elite clientele after going to the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.  Misha networked her way to become the right hand woman to Olympic Gold Medal Winner- Michael Johnson.  During that stint, she coordinated the Michael Johnson/Ray Crockett Celebrity Weekend which boasts superstar caliber attendees such as Muhammad Ali, Terrell Owens, Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith and more. 

For years she has hosted parties, coordinated events and promoted businesses throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Last year Misha allowed her educational talents and local celebrity flourish to the max.  Shortly after being named one of Dallas 10 Best Dressed, she launched reRock It Events, Image Consulting and Public Relations. 

During Super Bowl XLV, Misha pulled off a world class event featuring President Obama’s favorite singer, Grammy Nominated recording artist, Anthony David at the exquisite Fedora Restaurant in One Arts Plaza. The reviews from this event allowed more visibility and exposure for reRock It.  Her company emphasizes re-creating all aspects of your life to enhance your overall image… reRock your look, reRock your life, reRock your world! 

Save the date for July 30th when reRock It Events presents the 3rd Annual Alley Cat Sale in Deep Ellum in collaboration with the Brown Sugar Suite’s Rahsaan Patterson’s Show.

For more information log onto www.rerockit.net or call 682-710-3318.

Wednesday July 6 2011

Jordan Spardley


Owner of JS Enterprises and Owner/ Partner of Changer Galaxy.

Jordan, is a entrepreneur, entertainer, actor, coach, writer, director, educator, Singer, Song writer, Composer, Writer, Producer and teacher.  

He has Created, Produced, Developed and Directed 9 Developmental Ideas (Television Pilots) and has a vault of over 163 television/ film projects in various stages of development. 

Some of the Genres included a Game Show, Interactive Talent Show, Model Reality Series, Dramadies, Sci-Fi Adventure Series, American Teen Drama, Crime Drama and other innovated concept not yet seen by a the global audience. 

Currently, Jordan is promoting the New Summer Release of the Romantic Comedy "The Lawn Boy"  distributed by Vanguard Cinema. Jordan, also stars in the hilarious Action/ Comedy SMALL TIMERS, schedule to be released sometime in the fall. 












Represented by Horne Agency Dallas

Management CoolBeings. 

Wednesday May 25, 2011

Many people think that yoga is just stretching. But while stretching is certainly involved, yoga is really about creating balance in the body through developing both strength and flexibility. This is done through the performance of poses or postures, each of which has specific physical benefits.
Listen in to Model Biz Radio this Wednesday as I welcome EVEREVOLVING SPECIALIST
Bruce Boyd
Yoga Specialist and personal trainer.  
We will discuss the benefits of Yoga and how they can benefit your life and career goals.
Bruce will also talk about his:

*    Personal Training
*    Lifestyle Coaching
*    NLP
*    Yoga (personal, group, and large classes)
*    Boxing
*    Functional Training
*    S.T.E.A.P. (Strategies To Elevate Athletic Performance)
*    Breath work
*    Inventor
*    Entrepreneur
*    More…….

Wednesday April 27, 2011

This weeks Instudio Guest : 2 extrodinary guest 1 show! 

Fashion Designer Yasmina Johnston

As a graduate from the Art Institute of Dallas, Yasmina Johnston has
already made an emphasis in the local Dallas fashion industry. She
first started out as an artist at Brookhaven College School of the
Arts. Here her talent was able to mature and gain character through
studio art and film. Yasmina then later transfered to the Art
Institute of Dallas to pursue a career in fashion design.
During her studies she unified the elements of art and design in her
collections. She quickly became known for expressing her artistic
talent by pushing the limits of what is art and what is fashion. With
her award-winning garments, Yasmina has had the opportunity to
communicate with industry professionals and has gained national
recognition. She was then able to gain internships with Dallas leading
designers such as Abi Ferrin, Nicolas Villalba, and Elizabeth Anyaa.
She is currently working at Saks Fifth Avenue in the visual
department as the men’s floor stylist. Because of her passion and
dedication for this industry, she has been involved in fashion events
and plans to volunteer her skills and talents in the future. She has
volunteered her visual and fashion skills for Kidney Texas, DIFFA and
other fashion show productions, working with Jan Strimple and other
leading design professionals. Through these opportunities, Yasmina has
been able to grow, and has become a dedicated individual.
Yasmina is working on her designs labeled DIOS. The DIOS design
philosophy coincides with this new age in fashion, where experimental
design and function is combined. Using “the future is now” as her
driving voice, to show that we hold the future of fashion and that we
can react now to what we’ve always wanted. Using uncommon materials
for the sake of fashion and art. Wearing unusual silhouettes and
imagery, for the soul purpose of expressing yourself through clothing.
DIOS garments are one of a kind, and some are strictly conceptual.
Others are “ready to wear”, but with a twist. She is working on her
DIOSARTS.com, which will be available soon.

Celebrity Fashion Show Hair Stylist Monica Lily.

Monica has been very active in the hair industry since she graduated from the Toni & Guy Academy almost eleven years ago. While she enjoys working behind the chair to cater to her growing clientele, she thrives behind the scenes of the fashion world. Monica Lily had been involved some editorial photo shoots and runway shows building her portfolio, but her editorial carrier took a running start since joining the team at Blanc Salon. She has participated in some of the biggest shows here in Dallas including: 2010 Shirin Askari Debut Fashion Show, Designing With A Vision - Sergey Ermakoy, 2010 and 2011 Nha Khanh Fashion Show, and August Alexander, just to name a few. Her latest success was participating in 2011 DIFFA. While working the show it was apparent that she had grown as an artist over the last eleven years, but by observing the amazing talent that surrounded her she realized there is still so much to learn. She is inspired by the ever so changing fashion and photography world, and continues her journey as an artist.
"It's all about balance. I love my clients and the energy they bring to the salon each day, yet the fashion world consistently inspires my pursuit of creating artistry though hair. It's loving the two worlds equally." - Monica Lily
For more information about Monica Lily please visit
www.monicalily.com or look for her work on facebook under Monica Lily @ Blanc.
Wednesday April 20, 2011

Are you interested in Acting? Do you love movies? How about Independent films? Well if so you really dont want to miss this weeks show.
Modelbiz will be interviewig  cast members and the director of a newly released independent film "Mystery of Birds".
Join me as I discuss the details of getting into independent films as actors with the cast and discuss this wonderful new film that we all need to support with the director.

Dont miss This Wed- 5-7pm central.


Tanasha is a native Texan, an actress, business owner, and mother. She has been in various independent films, national and regional commercials, commercial prints, and industrial. She is represented by Linda McAlister Talent. As a business owner, she enjoys helping people feel better. Tanasha is a licensed massage therapist with the State of Texas and provides an assorted list of modalities and services. "Balancing both careers can be challenging sometimes, but God and my son are my inspirations."

Nene Nwoko grew up in Idumuje-Ugboko, Delta State, Nigeria. Daughter of a Nigerian prince and a music department head, this former model moved to the United States to attend college. While attending the University of Texas at Arlington for her degree in Management Information Systems, she began acting, which inspired her to pursue a career in feature films. To date she has had starring roles in Night to Fly (2008) and The Okra Principle (2009).

One of Nene's next projects is Mystery of Birds (2011), in which she'll star as Vivian. This project is in post production, set to release on May 6th 2011.

Along with acting, Nene also models, sings and owns her own commercial advertising and marketing business, Ne² Marketing. Nene is a passionate supporter of many philanthropic endeavors, including the one especially close to her heart, Operation Smile.


Director's Biography:Nnaemeka Andrew Madueke is the fifth son of Felix and Victoria Madueke of Agbariji, Inyi, in Enugu State, Nigeria. He attended the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas from 1995 to 1999 and graduated with a degree in Management Information Systems. He has worked as a Software Developer for various companies in Dallas for almost a decade. The first film that he made, “Night to fly” was released in April, 2008. The second one, “The Okra Principle” was released in July 2009. "Mystery of Birds" is his third feature and is set to be released on May 6, 2011

Synopsis: Her name is Vivian Ije Nwamadi as she would have you know, and long before she was born, her story just like the stories of a million others was already crafted. So here in the United States she was trying to rewrite and make it better. She would be thrown together with different characters, presented with difficult predicaments and would have to make soul-altering choices all in the quest for her rewrite. Perhaps she was better off staying put in her homeland; perhaps the first story was indeed a better one; perhaps the birds of the air would reveal to her their mystery, how they manage to always get by…

Industry Topic:   Specialty Modeling

  • Plus Size Models
  • Elegant: over age 35 Modeling
  • Child Models and Male Models
  • Parts Models

In addition to the  Gisele Bundchens, Heidi Klums, and Elle Macphersons of the world, many other Beautiful models come in all sorts of sizes, shapes and sexes and ages 

Listen this week as I go over the differences and how to persue each.

 will be giving you the buzz on what is going on in the world of Fashion and Modeling every week. So to find out the lastest events, Fashion Shows, model calls, acting auditions and more in your area.

Have an event going on that you want the community to know about? enail us. Sebastian@Modelbizradio.com

APRIL  Interviews include:

  • March 30, 2011 - Dr. Linda Amerson                                          Board Certified Doctor of Trichology
  • April 6, 2011- CHLOE WALLACE                                                      GLAMOUR MODEL
  • April 13, 2011 Shirin Askari                                                            Fashion Designer( Project Runway)