Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Seven Basic Model Types. Which are you??

There are really a number of different types of models representing a range of looks. Tune in Wednesday February 23 at 5pm and I will explain:

• The seven basic types of fashion models and the characteristics of each.
• Where do you fit in
• How your body type affects your career
• How to work your type to your best advantage

Each week one of the segments of our program, I will be speaking on a different topic on the modeling industry and giving some insight on how this industry works. After the show I will blog about this on our site and upload video and audio clips on the previous show.

Please feel free to comment on these topics thru our UStream chat line (you will see that when you log into the show) I will also have my facebook page up during the show so you can IM us directly on that. Also, you may leave comments on the blog post as we post them. All comments are welcome.
Modelbiz group page on FB and twitter us @ModelBizRadio.

How would you like some FREE STUFF!!

Would doesn’t? Well every week on the Modelbiz show we give away awesome prizes from our guest and sponsors.
Cosmetics, Personal Trainer sessions, Books, Hair Care products, Photo shoots and more. But you have to listen because we ask questions about things talked about on the show that you have to answer to win.

So “Tune IN” this and every Wednesday to The ModelBiz Radio show!

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