Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fashion Designer Yasmina Johnston & Celebrity Fashion Show Hair Stylist Monica Lilly- Today 5-7pm Central

Fashion Designer Yasmina Johnston

As a graduate from the Art Institute of Dallas, Yasmina Johnston has
already made an emphasis in the local Dallas fashion industry. She
first started out as an artist at Brookhaven College School of the
Arts. Here her talent was able to mature and gain character through
studio art and film. Yasmina then later transfered to the Art
Institute of Dallas to pursue a career in fashion design.
During her studies she unified the elements of art and design in her
collections. She quickly became known for expressing her artistic
talent by pushing the limits of what is art and what is fashion. With
her award-winning garments, Yasmina has had the opportunity to
communicate with industry professionals and has gained national
recognition. She was then able to gain internships with Dallas leading
designers such as Abi Ferrin, Nicolas Villalba, and Elizabeth Anyaa.
She is currently working at Saks Fifth Avenue in the visual
department as the men’s floor stylist. Because of her passion and
dedication for this industry, she has been involved in fashion events
and plans to volunteer her skills and talents in the future. She has
volunteered her visual and fashion skills for Kidney Texas, DIFFA and
other fashion show productions, working with Jan Strimple and other
leading design professionals. Through these opportunities, Yasmina has
been able to grow, and has become a dedicated individual.
Yasmina is working on her designs labeled DIOS. The DIOS design
philosophy coincides with this new age in fashion, where experimental
design and function is combined. Using “the future is now” as her
driving voice, to show that we hold the future of fashion and that we
can react now to what we’ve always wanted. Using uncommon materials
for the sake of fashion and art. Wearing unusual silhouettes and
imagery, for the soul purpose of expressing yourself through clothing.
DIOS garments are one of a kind, and some are strictly conceptual.
Others are “ready to wear”, but with a twist. She is working on her
website, which will be available soon.

Celebrity Fashion Show Hair Stylist Monica Lily.

Monica has been very active in the hair industry since she graduated from the Toni & Guy Academy almost eleven years ago. While she enjoys working behind the chair to cater to her growing clientele, she thrives behind the scenes of the fashion world. Monica Lily had been involved some editorial photo shoots and runway shows building her portfolio, but her editorial carrier took a running start since joining the team at Blanc Salon. She has participated in some of the biggest shows here in Dallas including: 2010 Shirin Askari Debut Fashion Show, Designing With A Vision - Sergey Ermakoy, 2010 and 2011 Nha Khanh Fashion Show, and August Alexander, just to name a few. Her latest success was participating in 2011 DIFFA. While working the show it was apparent that she had grown as an artist over the last eleven years, but by observing the amazing talent that surrounded her she realized there is still so much to learn. She is inspired by the ever so changing fashion and photography world, and continues her journey as an artist.
"It's all about balance. I love my clients and the energy they bring to the salon each day, yet the fashion world consistently inspires my pursuit of creating artistry though hair. It's loving the two worlds equally." - Monica Lily
For more information about Monica Lily please visit or look for her work on

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  1. Yasmina went to Art institue for fashion design and Monica went to Tony & Guy Academy for hair...For tickets..Thanks Sebastian..Theresa Mitchell