Thursday, September 15, 2011

Models and Relationships: Good or Bad?

The fashion and entertainment industry is flooded with all sorts of sexual overtones. When people of the opposite sex see models in advertisements, especially where they're selling things with sexual overtones, illusions are created that say models are sex objects and many people in the mass market may believe that models are easy or loose.

But in their private lives most models are not sexually promiscuous. Many are married, in committed relationships or are so busy with their careers that they just don't have time. 

Still, there are others who throw caution to the wind and have sex with everyone they can. Some are lonely or far away from home. so haven't yet realized that they don't have to sleep with everyone who asks them, and some are just naturally sexual. 

Having a meaning full relationship while pursuing a Modeling or Acting career sometimes can be very difficult. Is it hard to find someone who will be non -judgmental and understanding?

There are some people who hang around and date models exclusively. We call them modelizers.

Many modelizers just like the idea of dating a model. You hear it in today's pop and rap songs all the time, but aren't interested in the real person.

Have you ever had to deal with a bad relationship because of your career? Tell us about it and how you dealt with it.

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