Thursday, October 27, 2011


Thursday October 27, 2011 

 Native Texan and Self-Taught Artist, David Goff has honed his skills and natural abilities to create work that is both reflective and emotionally provocative. Just as life itself has many chapters and requires adaption ... so does his work. 

Goff masters a variety of mediums and styles that communicate his vision.

Goff's use of acrylics on canvas, wookd and burlap come together to convey his creative eye and provide a means of expression.

In his figurative work and portraiture Goff draws upon life experiences and captures the sentiment of human condition in ways that connect emotionally.

Chains on the Brain is a fine art photographic collection using strong surreal imagery creating 3D- like depth that dominates both the conscious and unconscious mind. The images portray a concept so universal and diverse that it creates a mirror into the soul in which we can all see ourselves.

Join us as we interview Mr.Goff and learn about the man, his body of work and upcoming projects.

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