Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Nude modeling is a very sensitive subject. Every individual has their own opinion on what’s tasteful, what’s vulgar, and what’s immoral when it comes to nudity. In the United States, nude is generally considered to be kind of taboo.

 In Europe, however, the nude human body is considered beautiful, and no one blinks an eye when models appear topless in tasteful magazines, advertisements, and TV commercials,
In ads for body lotions, breast creams, of cellulite treatment, the model may even be completely naked. 

Also acceptable is nude work for a tasteful men’s magazine such as Playboy, which is considered more respectable than most of the men’s magazines.. Although the models are baring all, they’re not shown in a vulgar, exploitative way. Playboy also has a history of featuring legitimate models and celebrities in its pages, including Sharon Stone, Carmen Electra, Cindy Crawford, and Elle Macpherson. It’s considered the “okay” naughty magazine.

If you decide you do not want to model nude, that’s absolutely fine. Industry professionals will understand and respect your decision.

If you decide you want to model nude, that’s fine, too. But be very careful about the jobs you accept. Artistic nudes are most acceptable- beautiful, aesthetically pleasing photos that evoke a mood and explore the body’s form and line. Most often, these types of photos appear in a women’s magazine or advertisement,  In an art magazine, or in a photography book or exhibit more often in Europe.

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  1. A very interesting subject. I believe the line can be drawn at "art" versus "Smut" at least in the United States.