Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tears Of Blood

HappyNia Dance Theatre Productions, Inc. presents "Tears of Blood: Walk the Runway." In remembering those who have passed away from HIV/AIDS we present an evening of fashion, dance and spoken word.

We are committed to using fashion as a way of looking at the functions of the cells in the body hosted by a poor or compromised immune system. Our intent is to peek curiosity and challenge other performing arts organizations in the metroplex to engage in more creative ways to address the issues of HIV/AIDS and its compromising complications. We would like to encourage everyone in the community to come out and dialogue with us about this disease.

We would like to honor three (3) specific honorees and recognize those who are active in the community as it relates to prevention and outreach. We honor them for their tireless efforts in staying in the fight to help save the community.

We are asking for all to come and enjoy the show, but also bring your wallets to give to a cause that will help encourage more work from the community and we will use our artistic expressions to help influence the process. Funds from this fundraiser will go towards sending four (4) young dancers to college, with enough money to pay for their first year of books and a partial payment for their housing.

We hope that you are willing to help us make a difference in the lives of our youth and do what we think is best for their future and the only way to do that is to sew a seed in their education.

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