Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What types of Models Get Work?

I was asked this question last week by an aspiring model and thought it was as excellent question. 
I hear so many young ladies and men that call them selves Models. How many actually get work?? 

The Types of Models Who Get AD Work

Models who land advertisements bookings often have physical attributes  that relate to the product. This is particularly true of beauty advertisements for hair and skin-care products and makeup. If it's a body cream, the model will have beautiful., flawless skin. without any bruises or scratches or tattoos. 
If it's a hair ad, she will have healthy, beautiful hair. For fashion ads. on the other hand, designers usually select a celeb or model who is either the It Girl of the moment or one who embodies what's happening in fashion, depending on what look the designer is trying to sell that season. Other times, especially in smaller markets, the advertiser will choose a model whose look appeals to local consumers.

The Key is knowing how and becoming the "It Girl" of the moment. 
My entire career I have heard models that complain that there agency always seems to send the same talent (favorites) to all the important bookings. Why is that? More importantly how can you stand out and become the it girl. 

The first steps in the process is to build a demand around yourself. This process is up to you to do - do not expect your agent or anyone else to do it for you. 
There are steps that you can take to make this happen. I have designed certain tips and strageties, that if learned and applied will increase your visuabilty and demand in your market. 

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