Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The Professionals at a shoot of runway show consist of the client, the photographer, the hairstylist, the makeup artist, and the fashion stylist. At all times, you need to remember as a model that you’re there so these people can create an image with you. Your physical self is a canvas that they’ll be using to create the illusion that is needed for the particulars look or photograph.
No matter how it is sugarcoated or what grand illusion you’ve been told, the truth is that you are a product and ultimately your personal likes and dislikes about hair, makeup, and clothes don’t matter.

The Hairstylist

On most shoots, your hair is done first, before your makeup is done or the fashion stylist gets you dressed. The hairstylist also comes with you onto the set to make sure your hair always looks its best.
When you sit down in the hairstylist’s chair, know that first and foremost. You
are working with an artist. Be respectful of the fact that they came up with this creation with the photographer and the client.

The Makeup Artist

After the hairstylist has finished with your hair, the makeup artist will apply your makeup. If different makeup looks are required for subsequent photos, the makeup artist will redo the makeup each time.
Even if the basic look doesn’t change. The makeup artist checks your face before every picture or look to make sure your makeup looks fresh and beautiful.
She also watches you as you work on the set. And if touchups are needed, she will blot your skin or apply some powder.

The Fashion Stylist
The fashion stylist is in charge of all the clothes that will be used in the photos. His job may include visiting all the clothing designers, showrooms and selecting the clothing, shoes, and accessories that will be used for the shoot or show.
Even though the garment may not appeal to your personal taste,any negative remarks about the clothing or outright refusal to wear something reflects very badly on you. Remember it is not your job as a model to like the look, it’s your job to wear them so don’t complain about what you have to wear.

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