Tuesday, August 7, 2012


A “Part” model is a model who specializes in modeling certain body parts such as the legs, feet, hands, or back-basically any part of the body, but rarely the face. Parts models can be hired to do a variety of work-editorial work, advertising, TV commercials, catalogs, even films. Parts models generally don’t meet the requirements to be fashion models- maybe they’re not tall enough or don’t have the right look- but they have at least one standout part, such as beautiful hands, gorgeous legs, or perfect feet.
Aside from having the physical qualifications of a great part, an aspiring parts model needs to have plenty of patience and the ability to keep her part still while photographers adjust lights, backdrops, and props to get ready to shoot.

Parts models generally get started a little older than regular models; between the ages of 18 and 20 is common. As long as your part stays beautiful, you could model for up to  25 years or more is common. The work can be very intense and tedious, yet it can be a long, lucrative career for someone with fantastic legs, stand out feet, or lovely hands.

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