Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Editorial Modeling

Editorial work includes fashion spreads, which are photos that are “spread” across two pages of the magazine. These types of stories often showcase the latest style trends. The other major type of editorial story is beauty-related, which means anything having to do with skin care, hair care, makeup, or cosmetic procedures, such as facials and massages.
Editorial work is done primarily by big-time models in the fashion capitals (New York , Paris, and Milan) because that’s where the majority of magazines  are based. Models in secondary markets (Chicago, Miami, and Los Angeles) may appear in magazines that are headquartered in those cities, but it is unlikely they would be hired to appear in a well known magazine in a fashion capital. Editorial work for models in local markets is even more limited, because there are so few  magazines located in those cities. Your agent is your best source for finding opportunities for editorial modeling outside the fashion capitals.

Even in the fashion capitals, it’s only a lucky few models who will ever appear in a magazine. Editorial work is the big prize for a model, the most prestigious assignment she can get.


Being a successful editorial model will benefit all aspects of a model’s career. If a model is featured on the covers and in the pages of numerous magazines, her career is made. She will be able to demand the highest day rates and enjoy the incredible perks that go with a high –flying modeling career, including great travel opportunities( all –expenses paid trips to fabulous locations, where she’ll stay in the best hotels and eat at the best restaurants. And invitations to the coolest parties and gala events).


Although overall, the advantages of editorial modeling  far outweigh the disadvantages, there are a few cons to doing lots of editorial. The main disadvantage is that it doesn’t pay well.  (You probably can’t pay your rent if you’re just doing editorial – the day rate averages $200, even for covers.)  For many who live on your own in a fashion capital and are responsible for paying everything from rent to light bulbs, $200.00 is not a lot of money, even if you work every day.  

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